Microsoft's Surface getting £650 RRP?

Ben Parfitt
Microsoft's Surface getting £650 RRP?

Rumours online today suggest that while Microsoft might be targeting the tablet market, it isn’t intending to compete on price.

WPCentral has word from Scandinavian retailer Webhallen that the entry-level 32GB Surface model will retail for an eye-watering £650.

That places it far ahead of the entry level 32GB Wi-Fi iPad, which currently retails for £479. The 32GB 3G model retails for £579.

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet, however, will retail for just £159.99 when it hits the UK.

Of course, Microsoft could argue that you get more bang for your buck from Surface. But £500’s worth of bang? That’s a big ask in the increasingly broad tablet PC market.


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