Microsoft takes control of PC gaming

The peripheral will cost around £25 and will be available in early December, arriving at retail fully compatible with both Windows XP-based PCs and Microsoft’s next-gen console.

“This controller is a great example of one of the many areas where the Xbox 360 and Windows platforms complement each other,” said Xbox supremo J Allard. “The Xbox 360 Controller for Windows is an important step in making it easier for consumers to enjoy gaming on both platforms.”

Already the controller’s multi-platform approach has gained cross-industry support from heavyweight publishers including as EA, THQ, Ubisoft and VU Games.

EA studio boss John Schappert said of the new device: “Microsoft’s new cross-platform controller will make it easier for Electronic Arts to develop games for both Windows and Xbox 360. It also promises to help bring our top-notch catalogue of sports, driving and action games to wider audiences.”


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