Microsoft to pay record £178m fine

Dominic Sacco
Microsoft to pay record £178m fine

Global tech giant Microsoft is to pay a record £178m ($290m) issued by the US Supreme Court for infringing a patent.

Canadian company i4i originally sued Microsoft in 2007 after discovering PC word processor program Word had infringed a patent relating to text manipulation software. Despite several appeals, the judges ruled against Microsoft.

“We’re very pleased that the court did the right thing,” i4i’s founder and chief technology officer Michel Vulpe told Reuters.

Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz added: “While the outcome is not what we had hoped for, we will continue to advocate for changes to the law that will prevent abuse of the patent system and protect inventors who hold patents representing true innovation.”

Microsoft has also challenged the patent pending at the patent office and may have to pay other licensing fees. i4i was backed by The Obama administration.


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