MIDWAY GAMERS’ DAY ’08: Round-up

There was plenty of hoopin’ and hollerin’ at Las Vegas’ Red Rock Casino on Thursday – as Midway stormed the venue with its annual conference on upcoming product.

Over 400 press and Midway employees watched the likes of Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon, Epic Games VP Mark Rein and Midway CEO Matt Booty deliver speeches on the cream of the publisher’s new titles – as well as confirming previously unannounced product.

The big news item of the day was the announcement of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The eighth game in the MK series promises to have wider appeal than ever, with Superman and Batman already confirmed for an appearance – with more to be confirmed at E3.

Free roaming shooting-gambling-partying title This Is Vegas also drew plenty of impressed cheers and handclaps from the crowd.

Created using Epic Game’s Unreal Engine, the title stood out as one of the ‘must play’ games at the event.

Elsewhere, the company confirmed that Unreal Tournament III will be coming to Xbox 360 this summer, during the same period that a host of downloadable casual games hit the firm's new PC online portal.

The crowd was also given a fresh look at upcoming titles Wheelman and TNA Impact Wrestling, whilst taking in first glimpses of new sequels such as Game Party 2, Blitz: The League 2 and Touchmaster 2.

More details of many of the titles shown off at the event will come at E3 in July – showing the value the publisher puts on the US expo.


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