MIDWAY GAMERS’ DAY ’08: This Is Vegas

Midway has unveiled details of its upcoming GTA-like free roaming game This Is Vegas at its Gamers' Day in Las Vegas.

Developed by Surreal - the studio behind The Suffering - the title is built around four main activities: fighting, gambling, racing and partying.

Surreal boss Alan Patmore showed off the fighting, partying and gambling elements to the Vegas crowd.

He confirmed that there will be Black Jack, Texas Hold 'Em Poker and slots in the title, with other games to be announced later.

Fighting enemies gives players casino chips that can be used later to buy vehicles, clothes and more.

The party mode sees the player take on a series of mini-games that include bar tending, beating up undesirable guests and even getting involved in a wet t-shirt competition.

Dancing is based around a combo system in which the player has to execute the correct series of button presses to pull off moves.

Patmore said mor eof the game will be shown off at E3 this year, and that it was due for release on 360, PS3 and PC this winter.


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