Mindscape Asia-Pacific unaffected by French withdrawal from games

Leigh Harris
Mindscape Asia-Pacific unaffected by French withdrawal from games

Mindscape Asia-Pacific (MAP) has issued a statement saying that it is unaffected by its former parent's decision to pull out of videogames.

The statement confirms that it's still 'business as usual' for MAP at the Australian and New Zealand office in Sydney.

Tonia Velasco, general manager of sales and marketing for MAP, told MCV: "The decision by Mindscape France to change direction from game publishing to interactive toys has minimal impact on our business."

MAP was purchased from France last year, and aims to retain its position as a leading independent publisher and distributor of game, kids, lifestyle and productivity software throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Valesco continues: "The vast majority of MAP's business is sourced from third parties and it's business as usual for our team."


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