Mixed predictions for 3DS game prices

Ben Parfitt
Mixed predictions for 3DS game prices

Though we won't know anything concrete about 3DS pricing until next Wednesday's announcement event in Amsterdam, retailers have begun listing the first 3DS titles online - with mixed predictions about their RRP.

We discovered earlier in the week that 3DS games will cost more than DS titles, which carry a typical RRP of between £30 and £35.

Now GAME and The Hut have listed a number of 3DS titles, claiming their RRP to be £39.99. Indie retailer ShopTo, however, predicts a £34.99 RRP.

HMV and Play.com are yet to list a price for 3DS software while Amazon hasn't even got any 3DS ttiles listed on its site.

Earlier in the week a number of The Hut owned retailers listed the 3DS console itself with an RRP of £300.


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