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Molyneux admits to Minecraft love

Ben Parfitt
Molyneux admits to Minecraft love

It's won the hearts of millions of gamers around the world, but now Swedish-made indie PC hit Minecraft has attracted its highest-profile fan yet – UK development legend Peter Molyneux.

"I think Minecraft's the best thing I've played in the last ten years," Molyneux told IGN. "I think Minecraft is a complete work of genius.

"What's so brilliant about it – and I've met [Mincecraft creator] Markus and he's a real inspirational person – he did everything on his own.

"I think how brilliant and inspirational that is, to not need the full force of publishers and marketing people. He did everything on his own. I agree with you about it being a golden age – there's so much choice, and I feel there's so many opportunities as well."

"I wish you – people in the press – would focus on some of that up and coming talent, because there isn't enough focus on it in my opinion."


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