More Brain Training set for DS

Following on from the mega-selling success of the original, Nintendo has announced that More Brain Training from Dr Kawashima: How Old Is Your Brain will be released in Europe on June 29th.

The new title will once again stimulate gamers' brains and challenge memory, maths and perception skills. Also returning is Sudoku, with three difficultly modes including basic, intermediate and advanced.

The DS Brain Age Check will feature new modes in More Brain Training including Rock, Paper, Scissors, Memorising 5x5 and Speedy Symbols.

Other new modes include Correct Change, which challenges the player to hand back the correct amount of change to a customer, Missing Symbols; a twist on the classic 20 calculations test and Masterpiece Recital which will see players reading music to play a song on the piano.

Players will also be able to challenge friends and family to Word Scrabble, Memorise 5x5 and Correct Change through the multiplayer mode, as well as a picture quiz where players can compete with each other to try and draw the other player’s picture.

More Brain Training will be priced from £19.99.


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