Morrisons cuts 3DS to £187

Ben Parfitt
Morrisons cuts 3DS to £187

The once £230 Nintendo 3DS can now be pre-ordered for just £187 from supermarket Morrisons.

As spotted by ONM, the chain is inviting customers to place their pre-orders in-store ahead of the machine's UK launch on march 25th.

"Nintendo 3DS consoles are available to collect in store from the 25th of March," the retailer says.

"All pre-order consoles must be collected by Thursday the 31st of March, after which your order will be cancelled and your deposit refunded.  A £10 deposit is required when pre-ordering the Nintendo 3DS."

The machine can now be widely found for just below £200 online, though arguably GAME's Play/Trade deal – which effectively allows customers to own the machine for £6.99 for a month – remains the most compelling offer.


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