Most Popular Stories of 2010 – Comments

Ben Parfitt
Most Popular Stories of 2010 – Comments

Retail threatens Steam ban (November 11th)
With big traction on both Twitter and Facebook, it seems that everyone had something to say about MCV’s Steam exclusive. Whether it was readers defending Valve’s portal, attacking Microsoft’s PC commitment or bemoaning retail’s apparent lack of faith in the PC format, the story certainly struck a chord with MCV readers.

FIFA 11 for 97p (September 30th)
Comments very much fell into two distinct camps on this one. On the one hand, retailers were alarmed that EA’s game could be offered so cheaply when the trade price to them was so high. On the other hand, consumers resent any calls for RRP protection on product. Note, too, the many retailers admitting that they intended to use the offer to stock their own stores.

THQ: Pre-owned games ‘cheat’ publishers (August 24th)
We all know that publishers don’t like pr-owned games. After all, who would like seeing their product being sold and re-sold with no return? But getting publishers to admit this publicly is more challenging than you might think. So this frank admission from the seemingly under-corporatised WW creative director Cory Ledesma was a rare find.

Retail forced to swallow VAT hike (July 1st)
Faced with the prospect of paying more for stock but not being able to pass any of it on to your customers, you’d probably have plenty to say too. Amongst calls for publishers to absorb some of the shock, consumers also saw fir to remind retailers that they didn’t notice much of a saving when VAT was reduced to 15 per cent by the last government.

MW2 Stimulus arrives on PSN today (May 4th)
Watching consumers clamour to get their hands on the popular Modern warfare 2 DLC the very nanosecond it arrived demonstrated the huge pull Activision’s series has in the modern market.

Black Ops price roundup (November 8th)
Yay! HMV is offering an incredible price on Black Ops. Boo! HMV is significantly devaluing one of the year’s most wanted games. Pick your side, have your say.

CHIPS is down, but not out (July 26th)
Amidst the sad reaction from consumers and concern amongst retail that such a big player in the market can face such struggles, MCV was also struck by some of the bitter comments left on this story. Though many were removed due to their personal or outright malicious nature, it was sad to see some members of the community seemingly finding so much delight in such bad news.

What next for CHIPS? (July 30th)
Things got even worse in this story when CHIPS co-founder Don McCabe dared to thank well-wishers for their support. Even MCV waded into the comments here, with some readers coming to our defence when we dared to admit we were saddened by McCabe’s plight.

Now Argos enters pre-owned market (March 3rd)
The entry of Asda, Tesco and Argos into the pre-owned sector in 2010 was undoubtedly one of retail’s hot issues. In this story readers seemed intent on attacking Argos’ ability to operate efficiently in what is unquestionably a tough sector to handle correctly.

Retailers ignore R4DS ban (July 30th)
With devices such as the R4 having occupied a legal grey area for some time, it was no surprise to see readers falling on both sides of the fence. Also note the attacks launched at MCV for daring to go all Watchdog on retailers selling illegal goods.

VAT Rising to 20% (June 22nd)
Upon hearing the Government’s news, retailers were desperately calling for publishers to lower their trade prices to compensate. Do you think that happened?


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