Most Popular Stories of 2010 – Hits

Ben Parfitt
Most Popular Stories of 2010 – Hits

OPINION: Retail vs Steam (November 26th)
1C’s international publishing director Darryl Still’s interesting argument for digital retail in the face of dwindling High Street shelf space struck a chord not only with the MCV audience, but also with the wider tech audience thanks to high exposure on social networking sites such as Reddit. It became the most read story on MCV this year, despite being published at the end of November.

Pirates claim PS3 hack success
(January 5th)
The PS3 piracy problem was a big headache for Sony this year but proved especially interesting for readers on both sides of the fence, with publishers nervous about the implications and many consumers (sadly) looking for a free lunch.

PSP2 – the big E3 surprise? (May 12th)
Yes, we know that in end we were wrong, but when we published this piece there was plenty of evidence to suggest Sony was planning to launch new handheld hardware by the end of the year. Of course, we now know that two new PSPs are in the works, but it seems unlikely that a 2010 launch was ever on the cards.

Retail threatens Steam ban (November 11th)
Perhaps it's the sensitivity retail has towards digital distribution, or perhaps it’s just a reflection of the sheer popularity of Steam – either way, MCV’s exclusive reveal of the very deep concerns towards Valve’s network proved to be one of the most divisive issues of the year.

WoW on iPad pictured (May 4th)
In truth there wasn’t a huge amount of substance to this story, but sometimes a piece ticks all the boxes – World of Warcraft, iPad, cloud computing. If nothing else it demonstrates the public’s huge appetite to carry over their WoW experience onto other platforms.

Black Ops price roundup (November 8th)
Retailers are desperate to know what deals their rivals are offering; Publishers are desperate to know how much consumers are paying for their games; Consumers are desperate to find out where they can get the latest titles cheapest. It’s no surprise that a price roundup story for the biggest game of 2010 was one of our most read.

Switzerland passes violent games ban (February 17th)
Though Switzerland can hardly be considered the heartland of gaming, news of a possible outright ban for violent games so close to home certainly struck a chord with both gamers and the wider tech community.

Sony: 3D TV in every home next year (September 2nd)
A sad truth about the emergence of any new technology is that people are very keen to criticise – mainly because it makes them feel better about their inability to afford it. Still, with 3D struggling in the marketplace, Howard Stringer’s somewhat far-fetched claim that 3D screens will be in every home by the end of the year was always going to attract attention.

FIFA 11 for 97p (September 30th)
Massive game, eye-watering price and supermarkets dabbling in pre-owned – the reasons why this story interested so many are hardly a mystery.

GAME offers Xbox trade-in deals (June 15th)
The Xbox 360 S was one of the biggest success stories of 2010, but with the country still stuck in gloomy financial waters consumers were gagging for any news on how they could get their hands on the machine and a discount.


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