Motion Plus price still a mystery

Ben Parfitt
Motion Plus price still a mystery

Following the announcement that Nintendo will launch the Wii Motion Plus add-on on Friday June 12th, and UK retailers have finally been contacted regarding trade prices and availability.

The peripheral has appeared on some online portals at £24.99 – more than the expected $20 retail price that has been touted for North America – but MCV understands that the final High Street price is more likely to be £19.99.

The upcoming Wii Sports Resort, which will come bundled with the Motion Plus, will retail for around £49.99.

Joint MD of CHIPS Don McCabe told MCV: “I personally think the increase to the Wii trade price was made to take the eventual inclusion of Wii Motion Plus in the hardware bundle into account. It might sound like a lot of money but it’s a complicated bit of kit.”


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