Movie rentals go Live

Once on a user’s hard drive, the rented content remains available for 14 days, though once a show is accessed for the first time users have only 24 hours before it expires.

Companies signed up for the service so far include CBS, MTV, Paramount and Warner Bros. TV content already available online includes CSI, Star Trek, Pimp My Ride and South Park. Current movies include Patriot Games, The Perfect Storm, V for Vendetta and The Shining.

Purchases are made via the standard Microsoft Points system, with full-length movies costing between 240 and 480 points (£2.00-£4.00) whilst TV programs cost 160 (£1.35) for standard definition versions or 240 (£2.00) for high definition.

It is not yet known when the service will launch outside of North America, but Microsoft has confirmed that it is coming to other territories, including Europe.


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