MP Ed Vaizey "pleads" with civil servants for a console in his office

Ben Parfitt
MP Ed Vaizey

The Government’s Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries wants a games console in his office.

Tory MP Ed Vaizey has, according to The Daily Mail, “pleaded” with civil servants for the installation of a games console in his office.

However, the “powers that be” have told him such a move would be “frivolous” and “will raise eyebrows at a time when other Conservatives have suggested that people work harder to get the economy growing”.

Vaizey, however, has pledged to “renew his campaign, arguing that it was connected with his day job”.

The paper adds that Vaizey his quenching his gaming lust via his iPhone and iPad. Like Prime Minister David Cameron, he’s a fan of Angry Birds and has also taken to Plants vs Zombies and Monopoly.


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