Murder victim’s parents condemn Manhunt sequel

Patrick and Giselle Pakeerah insist Warren LeBlanc was influenced by Manhunt before assaulting their son, Stefan – despite the judge in LeBlanc’s court case absolving the game of any blame. LeBlanc is now serving a life sentence for murder.

Mr Pakeerah, who has campaigned for tighter restrictions on violent games since his son’s death two years ago this month, told the Leicester Mercury: "I'm very disappointed. This is rubbing salt into the wounds in the month we will be marking the anniversary of Stefan's death.

"I’m very surprised they are doing this after all that has happened and all the publicity."

Mrs Pakeerah added: "It is an insult to my son's memory that they have announced this game in the month we will be marking this anniversary.

"These game moguls are making a lot of money out of games which are morally indecent. Why do they have to pump more violence into society?"

Leicester East MP Keith Vaz has backed both parents. He said he was "astonished" that producer Rockstar had made a sequel.

He added: "It is contempt for those who are trying very hard to ensure something is done to control the violent nature of these games."

A spokesman for Rockstar told MCV: "The transcript of the [LeBlanc] court case makes it quite clear [that]… the Judge, defence, prosecution and Leicester police all emphasised that Manhunt played no part in the case."


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