Namco Bandai's year ahead

Ben Parfitt
Namco Bandai's year ahead

Namco Bandai has a blockbuster line-up heading to shelves in 2011.

The publisher is bringing Dr Kawashima to the Xbox 360 for the first time with Dr Kawashima’s Body and Brain Exercises for Kinect, releasing on February 11th.

Namco Bandai has also recently signed a distribution agreement with Yoostar to release Yoostar 2 in the next couple of months. It allows players to perform in scenes from many popular movies such as Terminator, Rocky, Kick-Ass and hundreds more.

“We believe this title could be the next big social phenomenon," says marketing director Lee Kirton.

“Later in the year we are releasing the highly anticipated The Witcher 2, which some critics are hailing as a possible PC game of the year.

“We have the gravity-defying third person action game Inversion for Xbox 360 and PS3, which gives a nod to the fantastic movie Inception, and we recently announced Ace Combat: Assault Horizon which is a key title for Namco Bandai this year.”

The publisher this week also announced a brand new Ridge Racer title for next-gen consoles.

To read the full interview with Lee Kirton, click here.


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