Natal to cost $149, change name

Ben Parfitt
Natal to cost $149, change name

MCV has been lead to believe that reports citing a $149 RRP (£103) for Microsoft’s Project Natal are accurate.

The number was reported on Edge Online this afternoon, which credtited the information to a ‘trusted source’. Edge also claims that natal will be bundled with the Xbox 360 Arcade for $299 (£207).

The numbers are far in excess of what MCV had been lead to believe late last year when we reported that the device would retail for around £50, suggesting that there has been a change of strategy at Microsoft.

In addition to all of this, CVG has it on good authority that Microsoft has now decided on the final branding for Natal, with a key retail partner having been already given the nod to get to work on POS for carrying the still secret name – which, incidentally, is set to be revealed at E3.


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