NCsoft says console MMOs are inevitable

Ben Parfitt
In an interview with GameDaily, the president of NCsoft North America Chris Chung has said that it is inevitable that the MMO genre will eventually shift its focus from PC to consoles – and that the shift will be a technically challenging one.

"We have to really optimize for consoles; we have to create an experience that's suited for the PS3 and supports the MMO element. I think the shift to consoles is inevitable.

"I think there are a lot of causes that factor into good MMOs on a console. These are elements like 'does the person have a standard definition TV or an HDTV?' You don't have a good a resolution on regular TV, and a lot of games were hurting for that.”

NCsoft, which publishes popular MMO titles such as Guild Wars and City of Heroes, last year signed a deal with Sony which it see it bring the MMO genre to PS3.


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