Neo Geo heading for Virtual Console

While no launch date has been announced, SNK has confirmed that its fan-favourite Neo Geo system is to join the Mega Drive, Turbo Grafx, NES, SNES and N64 by offering a selection of its software classics via Nintendo’s online Wii network.

In an interview with IGN, SNK Playmore US president Ben Herman claims that it was Nintendo’s enthusiasm that paved the way for Neo Geo’s arrival on its service, but also admits that SNK is open to the idea of publishing its games on other console networks.

“Nintendo basically came to us and wanted to include the Neo Geo on the Virtual Console which of course is very exciting for us,” Herman stated. “We will have content on Xbox Live Arcade as well, and we are talking to Sony about getting some of our properties onto their network.

“We’re planning a limited number of games each month over the course of a year. We don’t want to be sporadic with one game here, and two or three over there in the next few months. We really want to have a flow where there are a couple of games available each month.”

The cost of the titles has not yet been revealed, but is expected to be above the current charge for Super Nintendo titles (800 Wii points).


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