New Channel for retail Wii content?

Following on from the confirmation that System 3 is to be the first publisher to offer its upcoming Wii titles both as a boxed retail product and a direct-to-consumer digital download, boss Mark Cale has hinted that Nintendo is preparing a brand new channel for such content on the Wii console.

CVG quotes Cale as stating: “Impossible Mission would be one of the first titles we're going to be launching on Wii, that will be available from retailers, and to download as well, and that's where we're going to be exploring what Nintendo can actually do in terms of downloadable content, and see if it can match Xbox Live."

However, when prompted on when the game in question, Impossible Mission, would arrive on Virtual Console, he added:

"I wouldn't say Virtual Console, because they're not actually calling it the Virtual Console, but in the next few months there will be various announcements I'm sure made by Nintendo that will offer users a system that will be similar to that of what Microsoft is offering at present, which is the ability to download content."

Cale predicts that this new channel will be live within two months.


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