New content preparing to flood Xbox Live

Microsoft has gone on the offensive on the back of its upgraded Xbox 360 Elite announcement by confirming a string of new media offerings and a range of exclusive high definition content that is to be made available via its Xbox Live service.

Paramount Pictures will be offering HD versions of Hollywood blockbusters such as Braveheart, Team America, World Trade Centre and South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

In addition, Warner Bros will be releasing its direct-to-video movies in HD exclusively on Xbox Live at the same time as their DVD release. The first two offerings will be Sublime and Babylon 5: The Lost Tales.

Xbox Live’s TV and movie features have yet to appear outside of North America, but with the service appearing at last month’s Connected Home Exhibition in the UK, it is expected to hit Europe in the near future, possibly in conjunction in the launch of Xbox 360 Elite.

“With more than 300 games expected by year’s end, an Xbox LIVE community of more than six million people and a growing catalogue of premium content from some of the biggest names in entertainment today, Xbox 360 is an incredible value,” Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the interactive entertainment business in the entertainment and devices division Peter Moore said. “Adding partners and content like this helps reinforce the console’s position as the centre of connected entertainment in the living room.”

Downloads on Xbox Live have grown by over 400 per cent since the TV and movie service premiered in the US earlier this year.


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