New Pokemon to arrive on July 27th

Boasting 3D graphics and a DS-enhanced control scheme, the latest instalment in Nintendo’s world-conquering Pokemon franchise has finally been given a UK release date of July 27th.

Making full use of the DS’ touch screen, microphone and wireless internet connection, the title has already become the fastest selling instalment of the series to date in the US – proving that even after 12 years on the market, the desire to ‘catch ‘em all’ is still as strong as it ever was.

DS owners have already been treated to two previous Pokemon titles – Mystery Dungeon and Ranger, the latter of which shot straight to number one in the ChartTrack All Formats Top 40 upon its release last month.

The Diamond and Pearl editions, however, are the first proper sequels to the formula that has proved so successful on both Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Colour.


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