New Star Wars MMO in the works?

Widely celebrated as the best Star Wars game of recent years, rumours have emerged that RPG specialist BioWare is hard at work on an MMO version of its hugely popular Knights of the Old Republic franchise.

CVG reports that the latest edition of US games print mag EGM includes the snippet in its Rumour section. No confirmation has been forthcoming from the developer as of yet, but were the game to emerge it would almost certainly be a sure-fire contender to better LucasArts’ previous MMO outing, the troubled Star Wars Galaxies.

Knights of the Old Republic was a critical and commercial success upon its release on Xbox in 2003. Its fortunes were mirrored by an equally celebrated PC version shortly afterwards. Obsidian took over the reigns for the second instalment in 2005, which whilst failing to win over the critics was again another firm retail success.

EGM also revealed a couple of other BioWare rumours. Namely, that current PC-only title Dragon Age will also be heading to PS3, and that the as-of-yet unspecified DS game already in development at the studio will be a new instalment in the Baldur’s Gate franchise.


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