New studio to swipe movie franchises

The founders of new US development firm Brash Entertainment have outlined their plans to snatch top movie IP away from more established rivals.

According to MSNBC, Brash has been set up by Hollywood producer Thomas Tull and pioneer Bert Ellis, and plans to outsource development worldwide.

The pair claim that they have secured USD150 million (E113m) of private equity for their start-up firm.

They also allege that they are close to signing the rights for a PC game of recent movie hit 300, on which Tull was executive producer.

A PSP adaptation of the film, 300: March To Glory, has already been developed by Collision Studios and will be released by Eidos on Friday (30/03).

Ellis told MSNBC that Brash, which is based in Atlanta and LA, is also working on five other major titles – and plans to produce 60 to 100 games over the next five years.

“They'll all be brands you'll know,” he said.

Ellis added that the company can be as big as Activision and Midway’s studios – and that video games that are co-branded or licensed with major movies are a safe investment.

“The safest, most lucrative way to sell a video game is in tandem with some kind of movie that is already heavily marketed,” he said. “Your downside is protected by the co-marketing.”

Ellis is the former CEO of Atlanta Web consulting firm iXL Enterprises and an owner of California-based Anaheim Ducks broadcaster KDOC-TV.

Tull, who is also CEO of Legendary Pictures, has produced several other major films, including Superman Returns. He also produced upcoming movie Warcraft, a film based on World of Warcraft.


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