Nice Tech to create new BBC MMO

It is a major coup for the online world specialist and its figurehead Doug Littlejohns, former president and CEO of Red Storm.

The new project is based upon a high-profile new franchise to be broadcast by the BBC and aimed at children aged 6-9 years. It will blend the real world live action footage and the CG-animated Tronji world, and will encourage kids to get involved in problem solving and, and is being dubbed by Nice Tech as ‘the most ambitious game of its type for children of this age ever developed.’

“To partner two leading players with outstanding track records in the Children’s sector such as Ragdoll and BBC Worldwide, and be offered the opportunity to exploit our development skills and technology to contribute to the Tronji vision, is an exciting and terrific opportunity,” said Nice Tech CEO Paul Baker.

“We are delighted that Ragdoll Worldwide have decided to commission an MMOG to support the launch of Tronji. We are confident that our expertise and enthusiasm will enable us to deliver a truly innovative online experience.”

Kids will be able to enter the Tronji ‘world’ early next year through the CBBC website.


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