Nintendo DSi: All the news in one place

Michael French
It's been a busy morning for early risers - Nintendo UK has confirmed the European roll out of the DSi, and MCV has the scoop on all the latest info.

We've posted up a number of stories including the top line details, comments from Nintendo's UK general manager David Yarnton, a reassurance to the trade that stocks will be good, and even a reaction from Rockstar Games, who is arguably releasing a Q1's big DS hit, GTA: Chinatown Wars.

Want to get started on all that? Here's links to all the key stories:

Nintendo DSi hits Europe on April 3rd, priced £149.99
Topline details on the new device's release

No DSi stock shock, says Nintendo UK

'Consistent and steady' supply of hardware for reteail is promised by format-holder

Nintendo DSi represents a 'step-change' for games market says UK GM
David Yarnton on how the new hardware can drive more industry growth

Rockstar: DSi will boost Chinatown Wars sales
How the new Nintendo hardware will help highly anticipated handheld GTA outing


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