Nintendo DSi hits Europe on April 3rd, priced £149.99

Michael French
The next generation of the Nintendo DS, the upgraded DSi device, will hit the UK and Europe on April 3rd.

Arriving days before the release of the handheld in the US - which was confirmed yesterday for April 5th - the machine will be priced £149.99 in the UK.

The enhanced DS will be available in white or black colours, and the new features packed into the now thinner hadrware include bigger screens, on-board cameras, an SD card slot.

“We wanted to get it out in time for Easter – with its new features, the DSi is a significant step-change, more significant than the step from original DS to DS Lite,” Nintendo UK’s general manager David Yarnton told MCV this week.

An official statement confirming the launch supplied to MCV described the machine as "packed with new features that will excite fans of and newcomers to the Nintendo DS range."


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