Nintendo pumps millions more into Wii

According to the Financial Times, Nintendo is planning to spend its newly-inflated funds on hiring venues across the world for ‘Wii Experience’ events, where gamers will get the chance to have a hands-on demo of the console, as well as 10 new Wii TV commercials.

The move represents a 20 per cent increase in the company’s global advertising budget, taking the figure up to £105.1 million ($200 million).

The FT also reports that analysts have said that Nintendo has bolstered its worldwide campaign following Sony’s decision to launch with just 80,000 PS3 units in Japan. Nintendo will launch with 400,000 Wii units in the territory on December 2nd.

KBC Equities games analyst Hiroshi Kamide said the increase in funds means Nintendo has “a chance to put its machines in its customers hands far more quickly than Sony can at this stage”.

Nintendo added that the jump in marketing budget was also due to the Wii having such a broad target demographic. The company has bought many of its TV slots between evening prime time broadcasting.

In last week’s MCV, product manager for the Wii in the UK, Rob Lowe, said: “You won’t be able to miss Wii on TV this Christmas. We will be supported with our heaviest ever online spend, and a large-scale print and cinema campaign.”

The company plans to spend £6.5 million on Wii advertising in the UK, with a further £6 million set aside for DS marketing.

A Wii sampling tour began in the UK last Friday, covering 60 locations and reaching a million gamers.

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