Nintendo summer blitz begins

June 17th By Dave Roberts
Nintendo has unveiled details of its biggest summer marketing blitz to date, including two tours, print and cinema advertising.

The firm will be spending some £2.5 million in June, July and August, £1 million more than in the corresponding period last year.

The DS will garner plenty of exposure via the Touch Me Tour, which will hit a dozen high footfall lifestyle and family events throughout the UK, as well as many of the summer’s biggest festivals, where it will bring along a virtual version of the Bo Selecta Bear to host various comedy stages and talent shows.

There will also be cinema ads for the DS running alongside Star Wars Episode III, Batman Begins and War of the Worlds.

Nintendo’s other summer outing is its All Stars ’05 Roadshow in July and August which will see a customised truck playing host to a range of games old and new featuring the company’s unrivalled range of classic characters across all formats. A major draw will be the opportunity for punters to get a first play of The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess.

The Pink Game Boy Advance SP, meanwhile, will benefit from a mini relaunch, sponsoring MTV Style for eight weeks as well as a series of ads in mags such as Sugar, Mizz and Bliss.


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