Nintendo takes over 50% of UK console sales in 2007

Despite on-going stock problems with Wii, Nintendo has claimed over half of all console hardware sales so far this year in the UK.

In the week when its rivals unveiled new sales-boosting initiatives of their own at E3, Nintendo has once again proven that its unique approach to interactive entertainment is taking DS and Wii to new heights.

As MCV’s analysis of the ChartTrack half-yearly figures shows, the Japanese platform holder took 53 per cent of total UK console sales in the first 26 weeks of 2007. Other indications that the company pulled ahead of its rivals in the period were:

•    Revenue achieved by DS software grew by 164 per cent year-on-year to £91 million, whilst unit sales increased by 196 per cent to £4.04 million;
•     Nintendo’s overall market share on hardware grew by some 19 per cent year-on-year as both of its competitors’ dipped by ten per cent;
•    Wii software alone raised £46 million at retail.

“We’re very pleased with the first half of the year’s performance, but we see this as really only the start,” Nintendo UK MD David Yarnton told MCV. “Our sales clearly show that we are expanding the games market.”

The company now looks set for its best annual console market share since 2000, when the combination of the N64 and Game Boy Colour secured a 54 per cent full-year share of the UK business, according to ChartTrack.

“The UK results are very impressive – especially considering where Nintendo has been in the recent past,” added director of ChartTrack Dorian Bloch.

“There is real potential for Nintendo to dominate market share for the full year, but PS3 price and Wii stock will both be very influential factors.”


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