No DSi stock shock, says Nintendo UK

Michael French
Nintendo’s UK general manager David Yarnton told MCV that retailers can expect a ‘consistent and steady’ flow of DSi stock once the machine arrives in April.

This morning we revealed that the upgraded device will be available across Europe from April 3rd priced £149.99.

The handheld will be available alongside the DS Lite, but boasts a range of hardware upgrades and additions.

“We’re comfortable with the amount of stock we’ll have available – but because we are not going to stop stocking DS Lite, we’ll have that in the market too," said Yarnton when MCV asked about stock availability. Nintendo's products - such as Wii Fit, Wii hardware and Professor Layton - have regularly sold out as the company looks to satisfy demand.

But for the DSi, which launched in Japan in December, Nintendo is more than prepared said Yarnton.

"Production is at a comfortable level and stock availability will be consistent and steady, which is important for a product like this.”


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