No EA price cut for UK

As EA continues to bask in the glory of having spent over half of 2006 at number one in the official charts throughout 2006, reports from the US have revealed that many brand new titles – even Xbox 360 games – have had ten dollars slashed from the retail price.

Top Xbox 360 sellers Madden NFL ’07, NHL ’07, Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’07 and FIFA ’07 have all dropped from $49.99 to $39.99 in the US, with Fight Night Round 3 and Battlefield 2: Modern Combat down to a shocking $29.99.

Current-gen titles on PS2 and Xbox are, as you might expect, even cheaper, with The Godfather and Fight Night Round 3 down to $19.99 and US favourites Madden and NASCAR down ten dollars to $29.99.

The move had led to fears among rival publishers that prices would drop in the UK too, giving EA a further edge over its competitors. But an EA spokesperson told MCV this week that at the moment there are ‘No pricing policy changes in the UK’ planned.

EA continues to dominate the UK charts despite being knocked off the top spot by Capcom’s Lost Planet and Nintendo’s WarioWare: Smooth Moves this week. EA still has three titles in the top ten this week and even spent over half the year at number one during 2006.


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