No Journey Collection for Europe

Ben Parfitt
No Journey Collection for Europe

The recently confirmed Journey Collector’s Edition for PS3 will not be released in Europe, developer Thatgamecompany has confirmed.

“The Journey PS3 Collector's Edition isn't coming out in Europe,” the studio said on its Twitter feed. “We wish Europeans could get it, but there's nothing we can do. The best thing for you to do is bug @PlayStationEU.

The only reason offered by the developer was that “there are a lot of localisation costs in Europe, so it would be very hard to not lose buckets of money”.

It did add, however, that both the North American and Asian SKUs will be region free, meaning they will work on European PS3s.

“The Journey PS3 Collector's Edition is region free, so if you can't buy it in your region, there are importers. You'll be able to import it from North America or Asia.”


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