No price cut on PSP

As Sony’s portable console increasingly loses ground to Nintendo DS and continues to struggle in the software charts, several analyst reports and even EA’s David Gardner (MCV 11/08) have piled on the pressure. But SCEE boss Reeves has told MCV that with a new focus on original, made-for-PSP games, the console can step up the fight in the handheld space going forward.

“There are no current plans to cut the price of PSP before Christmas,” he said. “You might see, as you do in the trade, value-adding offerings. In our minds it’s doing very well and we’re very happy with the performance. I think next year you’ll see it go to a much higher level.”

But Reeves did acknowledge that the high number of PS2 ports at launch has caused something of a lull in terms of original content. “When we launched with PSP we had a good software line-up but a lot of it was similar to the PS2 games. Now what you’re seeing with games like LocoRoco, the Passport To... series and Talkman, we’re trying to come out with games that are made for PSP. You’re going to see more of that before Christmas.

“What we’re trying to do now is to get different people buying PSP. We want the people that  don’t have a PlayStation 2 but who do want a portable device.”

- The full interview with David Reeves will be published in next week’s MCV


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