No Stop to 'Station rumour

After stronger than expected financials last week, the dominant force in US games retail revealed its ambitious plans to ramp up its presence further – and according to respected US analyst Michael Pachter, all roads lead to Europe.

“At least 500 stores each year are intended for Europe, since the combined company has a pretty extensive presence in the U.S, and expansion opportunities in Europe are greater,” Pachter told MCV. “Blockbuster has repeatedly stated that GameStation is for sale, and GameStop is the only strategic buyer.

"GameStop was in discussions with GAME less than a year ago, before Electronics Boutique approached GameStop about a combination. It's one or the other, and if I were GameStop, I'd pursue the cheaper entity with the more motivated owner - GameStation.”

The latest speculation comes in the aftermath of media reports last week suggesting GameStop has also been sizing up GAME as a route to the lucrative European market.
Not surprisingly, Gamestation UK MD Michael Logue was keen to play down the latest industry chatter.

“I think this is just analyst speak, and not a true reflection of what Blockbuster is doing,” Logue told MCV. “As soon as we hear anything you’ll know about it. I think what they’ve done is put two and two together and got four and a half. Blockbuster is considering the position of all of its non-core assets, and GameStation is one of them, but there is no news at the moment. All Gamestation staff are concentrating on the here and now.”


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