Now GAME cuts 3DS price

Christopher Dring
Now GAME cuts 3DS price

UK retailer GAME has lowered its 3DS price to £219.99.

The firm was originally selling the device for £229.99, but that price has come under pressure following aggressive moves from rivals ShopTo, Play and Amazon, all of which are selling the device for around £200.

GAME has also revealed a string of 3DS bundles, ranging from £239.99 to £249.99.

HMV has also lowered its price to £219.99.

A 3DS price war has been erupting since Nintendo set the trade cost last week. Most retailers went for £219.99, but now many online stores are selling the device for even less.


3DS price round-up:

Amazon: £202

Play: £202

Asda: £202

ShopTo £199.85 (temp)

Zavvi: £217.85

GAME: £219.99

HMV: £219.99

Argos: £229.99 (with £60 of vouchers and an accessories kit worth £20)


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