Nvidia prices GTX 780Ti, cuts 780 and 770 prices

Ben Parfitt
Nvidia prices GTX 780Ti, cuts 780 and 770 prices

The new Nvidia GeForce GTX 780Ti will have an RRP of around $699, likely translating to £500-£550 in the UK.

That, graphics cards enthusiasts will spot, is around the same price bracket currently occupied by the 780 – which is why Nvidia has cut that price of that card.

The GTX 780 can currently be had in the UK for between £400-£430, which is around £100 less than it cost yesterday. It’s also considerably less than AMD’s new Radeon R9 290X which currently costs between £485-£515.

The GTX 770, meanwhile, has been cut to between £240-£280.

We’re yet to see any official benches for the 780Ti but it is expected the card will match or possibly even better AMD’s 290X. That, of course, would also place it ahead of the mighty GTX Titan and possibly cement its place as the fastest GPU in the world.

Once we finally see some concrete performance stats for the R9 290 we’ll at last have a completed picture for how the PC GPU landscape will look for the foreseeable future.

Nvidia has also revealed that the GeForece Experience 1.7 is also now live, bringing with it the new Twitch-like ShadowPlay streaming feature.


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