OnLive strikes in-built HDTV deal

Ben Parfitt
OnLive strikes in-built HDTV deal

Cloud gaming service OnLive will arrive pre-built into a range of new consumer tech, it will be revealed at CES.

Future iterations of HDTVs, tablets, phones and Blu-ray players from Vizio will include OnLive functionality out of the box.

“Today’s OnLive/VIZIO announcement marks a major milestone,” OnLive boss Steve Perlman said of the deal. "For the first time in the history of video games, consumers will be able to enjoy premium video games directly on a TV, no console or computer needed."

In addition, Etienne Handman (formerly of music network Pandora) has been named as OnLive's new COO, according to GamesBeat.

It has also been confirmed that OnLive intends to offer movies as part of its streaming offer.


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