OPINION: The problem with new IP

Ben Parfitt
OPINION: The problem with new IP

It’s been a great year for new games franchises. In fact, last month was one of the most promising with the release of both Enslaved and Vanquish. But both failed to set the chart on fire – Enslaved flashed into the top 10 for one week, Vanquish didn’t even make it that high.

Both Sega and Namco have since commented that although they have faith in the quality of the IPs, sales have been challenging. It must be doubly galling when, in an MCV report just three weeks ago, both had prided themselves on grass-roots campaigns to build pre-release awareness.

And it’s been a watershed year for  arguably under-performing new IP such as Bayonetta, Alan Wake, Blur, Singularity, Heavy Rain and Split/Second.

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