Original Vita to be phased out in UK

Ben Parfitt
Original Vita to be phased out in UK

Sony expects the current ‘fat’ Vita model to have disappeared from the UK High Street in the very near future.

The company this morning confirmed the launch of the PlayStation Vita Slim next month and has now confirmed that the device is a direct replacement for the current model.

"[The slim Vita will] dovetail in behind very quickly, because there's very little stock of the Vita out there," Sony UK MD Fergal Gara told Digital Spy. "It's not like they're going to co-exist in any meaningful way for any period of time. There is no stock at all."

Will this create a rush for the current model? Possibly. While the Slim offers a number of improvements over the existing SKU there are many who prefer the current machine due to its inclusion of an OLED screen. The Slim uses an LCD panel which is slightly less vivid.


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