Out this week...

Leigh Harris
Out this week...

After some time without a big release, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is landing this week, backed up by Rugby World Cup 2011.

Deux Ex: Human Revolution headlines the week; the return of the huge and long-dormant PC cyber-punk shooter happening on Thursday 25th August for AUD$99.95 on 360 and PS3, or AUD$79.95 for PC. Anyone who pre-orders the title by Wednesday will also receive a bonus downloadable mission pack.

Rugby World Cup 2011 is also releasing this week for 360 and PS3. It will also cost AUD$99.95 and will also release on Thursday 25th August.

Rounding out the week is the two-pack PAC-MAN and Galaga Dimensions for 3DS. This double-hit of arcade gaming is also available on Thursday 25th August, and will retail for AUD$69.95.


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