PC games market reaches record high

Ben Parfitt
PC games market reaches record high

The global PC games market has shown growth in through 2010 to reach a record $16.2bn in value, according to PC Gaming Alliance's third annual Horizons research report.

This was a growth of 20 per cent on 2009. None of the geographical market segments tracked showed a decline in 2010 in PC game revenue.

“The spotlight has definitely shifted back to the PC game market,” said PCGA president and Intel analyst Matt Ployhar.

"A few of the biggest factors fueling this movement are innovative business models making games more accessible with digital distribution, free to play, and online; along with game formats embracing the shifts occurring in the evolution of the PC ecosystem to remain more profitable.

"Large game publishers are looking at digital revenue on the PC game platform as one of their key areas of growth and it is clear that the performance of the PC game market in 2010 is resulting in substantial investment money flowing into the PC game business."

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