PC Super Street Fighter IV owners face DLC loss

Ben Parfitt
PC Super Street Fighter IV owners face DLC loss

Capcom will tomorrow release a Steamworks version of Super Street Fighter IV, but it’s not all good news.

Current versions of the game use Games for Windows Live, which Microsoft will be shutting down in the near future, thus robbing the titles of their online support.

Capcom will tomorrow (May 30th) release a Steamworks version of the game that existing owners who purchased the game digitally will be able to download for free from Steam.

The process is more complicated for those who purchased the game physically, however. They will be able to obtain the Steamworks version by inputting the product activation code found on the manual into Steam. However, they’ll lose any DLC they have purchased in the transition as that content is tied to GFWL.

The existing GFWL release will continue operating until the service is shut down.

The upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV will be Steamworks compatible, and PC owners will be able to upgrade in August.

There are more details on Capcom's blog.


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