PES hits UK arcades

It’s a year-round chart-topper in the UK home software market, and now Japanese publisher Konami has began trialling its Pro Evolution Soccer franchise in two London arcades.

Dubbed Pro Evolution Soccer Arcade Championship, the new machine allows users to download their save data onto e-Amusement cards, providing the ability to transfer in-game information from machine to machine. The e-Amusement system also allows for online play between two cabinets in remote locations.

Another clever feature allows users to plug their PS2’s Dual Shock 2 joypads into the machines, removing the need for gamers to familiarise themselves with a new control layout.

“The coin-op version of Pro Evolution Soccer has been specially created yet retains the series’ famed physics and gameplay. The e-Amusement process links machines all over Europe to one central server, and facilitates data saving and networked play between units,” Konami’s press release states.

Providing the current machines prove successful, Konami plans a possible pan-European tournament later in the year following a nationwide rollout.


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