Pickford attacks BAFTA Game Awards

Ben Parfitt
Pickford attacks BAFTA Game Awards

A prominent indie developer has listed extensive criticisms of the BAFTA Game Awards and its organisers.

Ste Pickford said the glitzy annual event ‘ghettoises’ the triumphs of small-scale independent work, and is too preoccupied with big-budget triple-A titles.

He also claimed the Awards’ genre-based categories are pointless for celebrating the craft of game design, and slammed the policy to charge indies up to £700 to be considered for nomination.

“The awards appear to be set up to help market successful AAA games, rather than to highlight excellence per se,” Pickford said in an opinion piece published on Spong.

Develop has more details.


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100% agree. Their recent billiards iPhone app is really good, and their infamous Plok on the SNES is the real home of Rayman's style of platforming... if only someone would fund them and allow them to make a next gen Plok to reignite the franchise.

Ben Dawson

Ben Dawson STUDENT
Nov 22nd 2011 at 8:14PM

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