Planetside 2 is coming, but will it be free to play?

Ben Parfitt
Planetside 2 is coming, but will it be free to play?

Sony Online Entertainment has finally lifted the security gates on its long-rumoured first person MMO project – Planetside 2.

Little is known of the game aside from the fact that the shooting action takes place in a persistent world and will feature a wide assortment of combat roles, though several roles from the former game will return.

Vehicle-based combat will also feature and a pre-launch beta is of course planned.

Most interestingly, of course, is the fact that SOE has yet to announce any details of its payment model for the game.

Until a few months ago a subscription package would have been a given. But in the current climate, with a vast swathe of MMO titles switching to the F2P model, the safe money is probably on the latter.


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