Play suggests £199.99 3DS RRP

Ben Parfitt
Play suggests £199.99 3DS RRP

A listing on the site of retailer has pointed to a £199.99 RRP for Nintendo’s next handheld, the 3DS.

As spotted by CVG, though the main page for the device doesn’t carry a price, if a user continues to browse the site the 3DS shows up in their ‘Recently Viewed Items’ list with a price of £199.99.

In all likelihood the amount is nothing more than a placeholder – but as a placeholder filled in by a retailer at the heart of the games industry, at the very least it’s a useful indicator of what the industry is expecting.

Indeed, UK retail has previously told MCV that it expects an RRP of around £200 when the machine arrives in the UK next year.

However, Nintendo’s UK marketing manager James Honeywell subsequently hinted that the device could come in for less than that, saying that the price will be “somewhere within that kind of architecture” that sees the DSi sell for £129.99 and the DSi XL for £159.99.


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