Playable PS3 at E3

The chance to sample Sony’s new motion-sensitive Dualshock controller drew the most attention, with long queues forming to sample Incognito’s Warhawk. Titles such as Resistance: Fall of Man (formerly announced as I-8), Heavenly Blade, Genji 2, Sonic the Hedgehog, Formula One 06 and Virtua Tennis 3 also drew large crowds.

There were also debuts for two previously unannounced titles, namely WarDevil: Enigma and Heavy Rain: The Casting, which on early impression appears to be a prequel/sequel to Quantic dream’s 2006 hit Fahrenheit.

On PS2 there was a lot of praise for Sony’ God of War II, Red Octane’s Guitar Hero II and Square-Enix’s bizarre Final Fantasy VII FPS Dirge of Cerberus.

There was also the chance to sample the first emulated PSOne offering on PSP, Namco’s Ridge Racer.


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