PlayStation 4 rumour is “garbage”

Australian technology site Smarthouse is reporting that a ‘Sony insider’ has told it that a new PlayStation console is being prepared by the Japanese platform holder and will be launched by the end of next year.

The site claims that the machine will be based on the current PS3 chipset, but “will differ from the current model in the drive bay and in the attachment area”.

The supposed source added: “It will also include an extensive software suite for the managing of content being streamed to a TV or hi-fi source.”

Unsurprisingly, these claims have been rebuked by Sony UK. A spokesperson told Spong that: “Obviously, this is garbage.”

The story most likely emerged following Ken Kutaragi’s admission earlier this week that despite his imminent departure from Sony he has firm plans in place for the PlayStation 4, 5 and 6.


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